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New Blouses (Plus size) for July 2011

{nggallery id=195] Short sleeve Cotton and Lycra blouses – E013, & E9927   {nggallery id=194] Short sleeve Lycra Blouses (Plus Size) – E358, E368 & E388 New stock arrived and ready for order now. if interested please send order to

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New Lycra blouses for May 2011

{nggallery id=171] Short sleeve Lycra blouses – M892, & M893   {nggallery id=170] Short and long sleeve Lycra blouses – M130 & M818

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New Blouses for Oct 2010 – part 6

{nggallery id=83] Short sleeve Lycra blouses – C928, C938, C951, C952, & C953 All stock are ready stock, If anyone interested please order now while stock last.

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