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New Blouses for Nov 2010

{nggallery id=91] Blouses – N606, N608, N814, & T6080 {nggallery id=90] Blouses and Skirts – N3356, S2101, & T2010 All stock are ready for order now. If anyone interested please order now while stock last.

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New Blouses and Shirts for Nov 2010

{nggallery id=87] Floral Puff Blouses – N802, N803, N806, N807 {nggallery id=86] Puff Blouses – N03, N816, N985, N9850 {nggallery id=85] Floral dress and  checkered shirt – N638, T1810, T3510, T6090 All items are ready stock available for order now.

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