Stock Clearance Offer – April 2012

Special stock clearance offer for April 2012.

All items below offer at RM25 each (usual wholesale price is RM30 – RM35, now clearance below cost), min order 6pcs (can mixed design & mixed color). Limited stocks available, offer valid while stocks last.

U17 – Black, Blue, Green & Grey
U17 black U17 blue U17 green U17 grey

U28 – Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple & Red.
U28 black U28 blue U28 green U28 grey U28 purple U28 red

C1155 – Black, Blue, Green & Red.
C1155 black C1155 blue C1155 green C1155 red

C2077 – Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Purple & Red.
C2077 black C2077 blue C2077 green C2077 grey C2077 purple C2077 red

N8122 – Blue, Green & Pink.
N8122 blue N8122 green N8122 pink

N8099 – Black, Blue, Green, Grey & Pink.
N8099 black N8099 blue N8099 green N8099 grey N8099 pink

D2086 – Black, Brown, Grey, Purple & Red.
D2086 black D2086 brown D2086 grey D2086 purple D2086 red

Y05 – Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Purple & Turquoise.
Y05 black Y05 blue Y05-Grey Y05 pink Y05 purple Y05 turquoise

All items offer at RM25 each (min 6pcs per order, while stocks last)

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Stock Clearance Offer – April 2012 — 5 Comments

  1. please quote me:
    N8122 – blue, Green and pink
    N8099 – Grey, blue
    U28 – Grey, Purple and Red

    Thank you.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Appreciate if you could respond to my email dated 8th June.

    Thank you


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