New Puff Blouses for March 2011

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Long sleeve love puff blouses – H602, H606, H614, H616 & H617


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Long sleeve puff blouses – H108


{nggallery id=135]
Long sleeve floral puff blouses – H302, H304 & H305


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Short sleeve floral puff blouses – H301 & H303


Stock are ready for order now. If anyone interested, please place order now to while stock last.

One thought on “New Puff Blouses for March 2011”

  1. Hi Jye Fong..
    saya nak tanya,masih ada stock ker untuk New Long Sleeve Puff Blouse-part 1 & New Short Sleeve Puff Blouse March? kalau masih ada,berapa harga borong?

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