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Costume Lingerie Collection July 2010

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sexy sleepwear and costume lingerie – P1016, P1018, P2346, P2353, P2354, P2356, P8010, P8090, P8091, P8092, P8093, P8094, P8095, P8096, P8097, P8098, P8099, P8100, P8102, P8103, P8104, P8105, P8106, P8107, P8107, P8108, P8109, P8110, P8111, P8112, P8113, P8114, P8115, P8116, P8117, P8118, P8119, P8120, P8121, P8123, P8124, P8125, P8126, P8127, P8128

Please contact us for pre-order.

All confirmed order shall reach us before 31 July 2010, stock will be delivered after 10 Aug 2010.

Order received after July 2010 will be delivered by end of Aug 2010.