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Restock of Long sleeve Cardigan

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New Long Lycra Maxi Dress For Aug 2011

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Restock Of Lycra Kaftan Y06

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New Jumpsuits, Pant and Skirt for Aug 2011

{nggallery id=217]   {nggallery id=216] New stock are ready for order now, kindly place order while stock last.

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New Cotton Blouses For Aug 2011

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Restock of Flare Pants for Aug 2011

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New Kaftan for Aug 2011

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New Pants, Skirt and Cardigan For Aug 2011

{nggallery id=211]   {nggallery id=209]   {nggallery id=210] All stock are ready for order, please grab it before sold out.

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