Month: August 2011

Restock of Long sleeve Cardigan

{nggallery id=224] Long Sleeve Cardigan – CF05, CF06 & CF07   {nggallery id=223] Long Sleeve Cardigan – CF01, CF02, CF03, CF04 & CF08

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New Long Lycra Maxi Dress For Aug 2011

{nggallery id=222] Long Lycra Maxi Dress – U15 & U18   {nggallery id=220] Long Lycra Maxi Dress – U16 & U17   {nggallery id=221] Long Lycra Maxi Dress – U28 & U8012

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Restock Of Lycra Kaftan Y06

{nggallery id=218] Lycra Kaftan – Y06

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New Jumpsuits, Pant and Skirt for Aug 2011

{nggallery id=217] Jumpsuits and Pants – S020, S021 & S30   {nggallery id=216] Long Skirts – U30 & U31 New stock are ready for order now, kindly place order while stock last.

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New Cotton Blouses For Aug 2011

{nggallery id=214] Cotton Blouse with embroidery – U625, U816 & U9627   {nggallery id=215] Cotton Blouse – U11058, U1130 & U3358   {nggallery id=213] Cotton Blouse (Kemeja) – U9938, U9951 & U9960

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Restock of Flare Pants for Aug 2011

{nggallery id=197] Flare Pants – Y802 & Y808

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New Kaftan for Aug 2011

{nggallery id=207] Chiffon Kaftan – U0389, U3794 & Y04

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New Pants, Skirt and Cardigan For Aug 2011

{nggallery id=211] Hip Hop Pants – U0158 & U021   {nggallery id=209] Mini and Long Skirt – U198, U08 & U722   {nggallery id=210] Mini Jacket – U308   All stock are ready for order, please grab it before sold

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