Month: May 2011

New Jumpsuits for May 2011

{nggallery id=180] Sleeveless Cotton & Lycra Jumpsuits – M308 & M890   All stock are ready for order now. Kindly place order while stock last. If interested please send to

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New Tube Dress / Skirt for May 2011

{nggallery id=179] Chiffon and lace tube dress – M618 Long skirts – M8005

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New Long Skirts for May 2011- part 2

{nggallery id=178] Cotton long skirts – M805 & M911

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New Long Skirts For May 2011

{nggallery id=177] Cotton long skirt / tube dress – M801S, M811, & M8256   Stock are ready for order now.

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New Cotton Dress for May 2011

{nggallery id=176] Short sleeve cotton dress – M567A & M567B   {nggallery id=175] Short sleeve cotton dress – M528A & M528B   {nggallery id=174] Short sleeve cotton dress – M913 & M915   Stock are ready for order now. Please

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New Cotton Skirts for May 2011

{nggallery id=173] Cotton Skirts – M011 & M377

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New Cotton Long Maxi Dress for May 2011

{nggallery id=172] Cotton Maxi Dress – M168   All stock are ready for order now. If anyone interested, kindly send order to  

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New Lycra blouses for May 2011

{nggallery id=171] Short sleeve Lycra blouses – M892, & M893   {nggallery id=170] Short and long sleeve Lycra blouses – M130 & M818

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New short Aladdin pants for May 2011

{nggallery id=169] Short Aladdin pants – TL3140

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Restock of Palazzo, Aladdin and Harem pants

Restock of long and short palazzo, aladdin and harem  pants due to overwhelming demand from customer. It made from 100% rayon material which soft , smooth and stretchable. Free size (can fit S – XXL size).  

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